"Thank you again for all your help this year and talk to you again next tax season."    AM - ON, Canada - June, 2016


"Thank you Joyce for your prompt and great service . Talk to you next year."    SB - TX, USA - June, 2016

"Mark has strong expertise in cross border taxes and you are a good support to him. I look forward to working with you and Mark to get the FBAR and amended returns for US done in a professional and timely manner."       MA - ON, Canada  - June, 2016

"I am quite pleased with the effort put in to this."   AJ - CA, USA  - June, 2016

"Thank  you so much for all you've done to sort out my tax life - I'm
incredibly grateful. Off to try out your new online payment portal."       FC -  NY, USA  - July, 2016

"Good news, after a very long wait the CRA forgave the charges..    Thank you so much for all your effort on this."     JA - CA, US  - August, 2016

"Needless to say you have one very happy client right now."    DS - GA, USA -  September, 2016

"This is great thank you so much! I've gone through each of the documents and I will get the requested form back to you ASAP. Thanks again for all of your support and figuring our taxes out for us!" Anonymous, USA  September, 2016

"As we have been so pleased with your services over the years, I suggested to XXXX you may be able to assist with her tax concerns."    DS - CA, USA  - September, 2016

"Thank you very much for your fantastic work, Jeta. I am very impressed with your professionalism and work."   PH, CA, USA - September 2016.

"Just want you to know that I really appreciate your efforts. You guys run a really good firm. I'm glad I have you. Thanks again."   JB - AB, Canada - October, 2016

"Thanks for all your exceptional work Mark, we'll take a look over the returns and sign/upload to the secured folder."  GS – USA, August 2016

"Thanks for the quick response!"  AK,  - British Columbia - 2016


Extremely knowledgeable and excellent customer service. Happy to help you with all your tax questions.  They make tax season simple year after year.

-DT, Waterloo
April 2016

You have been fantastic. If all goes to plan -- I will definitely be recommending Serbinski to Apple employees who are always seeking for capable CPAs for our cross border tax needs.

-FY, California
April 2016

Again, thank you for your responsiveness and the above par interaction. :)   -FY, Toronto   April, 2016

I needed US and Canadian taxes done this year as I just moved to the US.  Serbinski took care of both of these taxes plus the FBARs and 216s for me for a very reasonable price. Once complete they sent the paper returns (can't E-FILE this time around) pre-collated and marked where to sign with 2 envelopes pre-addressed to IRS and CRA.  All I had to do was sign and put into envelope and drop in the mail. So easy.

-MM, Texas
March 2016

"I have been very pleased with the level of service throughout what has been a personally painful experience. In particular, Joyce has been outstanding"   RE, Toronto, Ontario - June 2015