We really appreciated your expertise when meeting with you.

S.G., Toronto, ON 2/10/17

We've loved working with the Serbinski team and are happy to refer xxx to you!

D.F., Berkeley, CA 2/10/17

Thanks so much for all your assistance.  You are simply the best!

S.J., Ontario 2/10/17

I am even more pleased! Thank you for all your work!

M.B., MD 2/3/17

Thank you very much for all your work.  I am interested in filing my US and Canadian taxes with your company this year. 

MA, NY NY 2/8/17

THANK YOU for giving us hope!!! 

KH Atlanta GA 2/8/17

"You have earned my confidence and business for as long as I have to deal with cross-border issues, which could be a lifetime!"

MS - Oakville, ON - January 25, 2017

"I sincerely appreciate your diligence and professionalism in working through the treatment of ...and related cross-border issues, and all the follow ups required to get to this outcome. Glad to have all my prior year tax issues finally resolved."

MS - Oakville, ON - January 25, 2017

"Thanks for all your hard work and I promise I will be very early next year."

JP, Arizona - November 16, 2016


Hey…I already love having you guys as my accountants…this folder system is perfect… Thanks so much for the discussion. I feel very confident about your firm! I have been needing this for a long time!  Looking forward to working with you…       TH,  ON – December 2016

 "Thanks for being so helpful and connecting me with Doug.  We will pick this up again in early January. Have a Happy Holiday Season."           VK -    MA, USA December 2016

We will be using your excellent services again.  MC - Quebec, Canada - April, 2016

I’m confident that your firm will do a great job with my cross-border taxes…  RG - Toronto, Canada - November, 2016

You are awesome!     TK - Las Vegas, NV November, 2016

We both appreciate your excellent service.      RK - Quebec, Canada - August, 2016

Thank you again for the wonderful assistance.      MK - IL, USA- November, 2016

Thanks for this and for all your efficient work and help with other matters!     TD - Ontario, Canada - November 2016

Many thanks - always happy to receive news like this!        BM - PA, USA  November, 2016

"Thank you again for wonderful service!"  KC, ON Canada - May, 2016

"Thanks for walking me through this. Glad to hopefully have this sorted out finally!"    MS - CT, USA   June, 2016