Thank you very much for your good advice.

HH, Montreal, Quebec.  8/17/2017

Please extend my sincere thanks to Mr. Larmer--he was very helpful.

DS Pembroke, Ontario 8/9/2017

I just received the reassessment for this last week. I meant to let you know and to THANK YOU once again for your hard work on this. It means a lot to us, and we appreciate that this has been finalized.

TW, Hepburn Saskatchewan 7/31/17

Thank you, for your candor, and for your lucid communication before, during and after today’s interview. For the first time in years I feel we are in trustworthy hands. My wife and I look forward to working with you.

CB, Arichat NS.  7/31/17

Thank you so very much for your knowledgeable counsel and professional, tactful handling of a fraught situation. You managed to guide an audit interview to a outcome that up to now I could only have hoped for.

CB, Nova Scotia, Canada 7/31/17

Thanks for the excellent advice Mark.

GF, San Diego, CA 7/24/17

Thank you for all your hard work!

KC, Evanston IL.  7/20/17

Thank you! I appreciate you dealing with this matter so quickly.

EL, Chicago IL 7/19/17

Thanks for all your hard work.

JP, Pickering, Ontario 4/10/17

Thanks for all your assistance in filing the Canada tax return.

BG, North Brunswick, NJ.  3/17/17

That's great, thanks for all your help!

CR, San Anselmo CA 6/30/17

Thank you Jeta, always a fantastic help!

CS, London, Ontario 6/29/17

Quite a few years back, you recommended the non-arms length RRSP mortgage to me….[and] .. on your advice, I took advantage of the RRSP mortgage for about 8 years and I feel that it suited me very well.  I built up my RRSP with minimal risk and, on the other side, paid the bank minimal mortgage interest.  Thanks for your advice on this; it was right on.

MB, Oakville, ON 6/25/17

Many thanks for the excellent work on my return!

GG, Toronto, ON 6/5/17

Thank you Mark, FANTASTIC support!

CS, London, ON 6/16/17

Thank you [for] the work and follow-ups you have done related to our filing.
Your efforts are appreciated! Till next tax season.

PH Toronto, ON 6/15/17

Well done Mark Serbinski – excellent job with the 1040 and all other associated docs.

RP, Winnipeg, MB 5/11/17

Doug is the best!  So helpful, takes time to explain things and very thorough.

BC, Toronto, ON, 4/26/2017

Thank you once again for all of your help and kindness, it is really appreciated.

MM, Maine, 5/5/2017

Thanks again for your timely and professional services.

RK, Prince George, BC 4/28/2017