Thanks for your help. You've helped us for many years.

TC, Kingston, ON, 3/10/20

I look forward to working with the Serbinski team again this year.

RK, Prince George, NS, 3/8/20

Your service is dearly appreciated.

LE, Athens, OH, 3/7/20

I just wanted to say thank you again for taking the time to speak with us on the phone. Your information and insights regarding our specific circumstances was very helpful.

SF, Livingstone, TX, 2/29/20

It was a pleasure using your services this year and look forward to working with you again for next year!

EN, Toronto, ON, 3/4/20

Thank you for your professionalism and work you have done for me.

RL, Lampman, SK, 2/27/20

I would like to use your services again this year. Joyce Bruce from the Chicago office did a wonderful job with our taxes last year.

KC, Santa Clara, CA, 2/25/20

I'm incredibly grateful for your very prompt response to this!

VC, New York, NY, 2/7/20

I just wanted to thank you again for speaking with us earlier today as well as on Tuesday.  We really appreciate your expertise.  You are the best!

SV, Toronto, ON, 1/30/2020

Thank you for handling everything with the CRA.

LB, Sherwood Park, AB, 1/27/2020

Mark, thank you very much for your thorough analysis. I appreciate the level of focused attention you have given to my proposals.

SK, Waterloo, ON, 11/11/2019

Thank you for the outstanding service and support you provide me every year. Best wishes for a fruitful 2020.

MM, Memphis, TN, 1/4/2020

That is very clear and very, very helpful. Thank you for the prompt reply.

JT, Cavan, ON, 12/28/2019

.... please let me express our huge appreciation to you for taking the time to immediately contact us and explain all of this to us this morning. It is yet another reminder of how fortunate we are to have chosen your firm to assist us when I accepted a NAFTA TN job in the US in 2015. We will certainly have a substantially less stressful New Year period.

DM, Kemptville, ON, 12/31/2019

Thank you so much! I will definitely stick with you and your team.

CM, Lima, OH, 10/30/2019

We can't thank you enough for the very professional service the two of you have provided to us over that last several years. We are so thankful to have found you guys to help us with our challenging tax situation!

AV, Las Vegas, NV, 10/28/2019

We've really appreciated the cross-border tax support your firm has provided us in the last 3 years.

AY, Plymouth, MN, 10/21/2019

I am pleased with the way you have cleaned up this mess I had. Looking at the number of forms and the shear volume of information spread across the pages, I am pleased that I had chosen you and your firm to get this done. Learned some valuable lessons through all of this. Additionally your fees for this work seem quite reasonable.

RH, Green Line, PA, 10/15/2019

I am have been pretty stressed over this filing and sometimes can be hard to deal with. Thank you and Doug especially for being so professional with me. I need to follow your lead.

RL, Odessa, TX, 10/14/2019

Once again your knowledge and clarity shone in the phone call.

PA, Mississauga, ON, 10/10/2019