We will use your great services for the tax year 2020

RK, Lachute, PQ, 12/16/20

Thank you very much!  Much appreciate the quick turnaround and sending it (the response) directly to the CRA.

YJ, Toronto, ON, 11/10/20

I have engaged Serbinski and partners for over 35 years as our accounting firm And they have served me incredibly well.

WS, Mississauga, ON, 9/20/20

I’d also like to thank your team for their solid tax guidance over the past few years. It has been much appreciated.

AW, Yorba Linda, CA, 10/3/20

Excellent! Cannot thank you enough for persisting throughout this very long, frustrating process Jeta! We will celebrate (in a Covid-safe way) tonight. You made my day!

GC, Montreal, QC, 10/1/20

Thanks for helping reduce our blood pressure and sort this all out!

RM, Naples, FL, 9/18/20

Thank you Mark for our conversation this morning.I found it extremely helpful and am so glad that I booked this consult.

MR, Raleigh, NC, 9/1/20

Thanks again for all the support. I'm very grateful and happy to have this all sorted out. And I very much appreciate your patience and diligence to complete this work.

GG, Plentywood, MT, 8/18/20

Thanks for the support on the taxes this complicated year.

ML, Athens, OH, 8/12/20

Thank you as always. You guys are the best --I do tell everybody that you are best.

JF, Spring, TX, 8/12/20

And....today, both of my refunds were deposited with interest!!! Thank you so much.

CM, Manor, TX, 8/11/20

Thanks ..., we appreciate the prompt reply and resolution to the CRA question.  This this should cover everything until next tax season, talk to you then!

AF, San Diego, CA, 8/11/20

Thanks again for a fantastic service you have given us in the past 35 years.

JP, Toronto, ON, 8/5/20

Thanks again for all your help! I'll definitely recommend your service to others! (I was referred myself by my boyfriend who worked with you a few years ago.)

MG, Sunnyvale, CA, 6/14/20

I was extremely happy with your efficient service last year

JM, Toronto, ON, 6/2/20

Thank you for your superb service, once again.

AS, Sun City, AZ, 5/2/20

I wanted let you know that I got my tax refund. The entire amount! Thank you for a thorough and timely filing.

PS, Beaverton, ON, 5/25/20

We will see you next year. Once again thank you & Jeta for the great service. Greatly appreciated.

RK, Lachute, PQ, 5/26/20

You came highly recommended and after speaking with you we see why.

GA, Round Rock, TX, 5/7/20

I cannot thank you both enough for your excellent service.

GC, Montreal, PQ, 5/6/20