Thank you for everything you do. Whenever the opportunity arises I recommend Serbinski Partners.

DA, Berkeley Lake, GA, 3/12/21

I appreciate the assistance of you and your colleagues at Serbinski.

RK, Dartmouth, NS, 3/11/21

We want to thank you for all your accounting services and advice since 2004. We really appreciate you helping us get through selling our house, renting our house and all our cross-border tax issues and concerns. You've been amazing!

CM, Manor, TX, 3/11/21

We are pleased with our experience again, and are confident with your service.

TC, Nokomis, FL, 3/11/21

Many thanks ...  So nice to get this finally out of the way.

JG, Toronto, ON, 3/10/21

Thanks again for providing your valuable service this year.

AF, San Diego, CA, 3/8/21

It was good and helpful to speak both to Stephanee, and Jeta, and also be in correspondence with Doug.  We certainly appreciate your whole team and your work.

EW, Upper Sandusky, OH, 3/8/21

Tax returns all done! Thanks for the tremendous and timely work you do as always. All the best the rest of the tax season.

MS, Oakville, ON, 3/6/21

Thanks so much Joyce, I appreciate the excellent service from you and your firm.

DB, Bancroft, ON, 3/1/21

I appreciate the professionalism in your preparation.

DK, Bellevue, WA, 3/1/21

Thank you. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.

CJ, Cleveland, TN, 2/24/21

Fabulous support, thank you!

CS, London, ON, 2/24/21

I wanted to thank you personally for the great work and support your Company provides to us. It is greatly appreciated.

TM, Kings Mountain, NC, 2/23/21

Thank you as always for a speedy service and prompt responses to all my queries.

DM, Vancouver, BC, 2/22/21

Thank you very much for the usual great work.

DH, Redwood City, CA, 2/17/21

I want to thank you for your involvement in this. I have total trust in your recommendations as you know our business so well.

PA, Mississauga, ON, 2/15/21

Thanks so much Mark! That was such an enormous help. I really couldn’t have done that without you! Wonderful finally meeting you “in person” and thanks for helping me all these years.

SK, Seattle, WA, 2/8/21

As usual, really appreciate the great service!

AM, Toronto, ON, 1/15/21

I want to thank Mark for what proved to be the excellent advice he gave me in our initial phone consult way back in 2009

RT, Phoenix, AZ, 1/14/21

Thank you both as usual for your fine support.  I have recommended you a couple of times over the last months.

MM, Memphis, TN, 1/5/21