"I have copied Mark on this email. He is a great resource for US Canada tax consultation."

HK, Kirkland, WA, 4/10/2019

"As always, you make tax season a pleasure :)"

SA, Arlington, VA, 4/6/2019

"I am relieved to have your expertise and services as we expand into the US"

MM, Quesnell, BC, 4/3/2019

"Many thanks for the continued great service!"

DC, Saskatoon, SK, 4/2/19

Thanks for setting up this appointment, Mark was very informative and helpful, he seemed to get to the root of the issue right away

AS, Waterloo, ON 4/1/19

I love your forum and all the info that you provide!

JN, Seattle, WI 4/2/19

Thanks again for your speedy and very professional completion of the returns.

KD, Oakland, MI 4/1/19

Thanks for your skill, care, and judgment.

TH, Burlington, WI 3/29/19

Thank you for your awesome work with our taxes!

TH, Burlington, WI, 3/29/19

Thanks again for your speedy and very professional completion of the returns.

KD, Oakland, MI 3/27/19

Thank you for making my life easy! Catch you again in 2019.

RL, Denver, CO 3/27/19

Thank you for your excellent service

AW, McBride, BC 3/23/19

Thank you again for preparing our 2018 Tax Return. We appreciate how quickly things were completed.

NG, Mineapolis, MN 3/20/19

Thanks again for everything and will see you next year same place same time.

CS, Hudson, OH 3/15/19

I reviewed and confirm everything is great!  Please file the returns for us and thanks again for the assistance. Looking forward to working with you again next year.

AF, San Diego, CA 3/12/19

Thank you for always working to find the best filing status. I guess I will just pay the installments and wait to see what happens next year :-)

PM, Frankfort, IL 3/6/19

Thank you for your completing our 2018 returns, it is comforting that we are getting our taxes completed with such qualified and experienced people.

BB, Bear, DE 3/6/19

Thank you Mark, as always for your work on this and good advice.

EW, Upper Sandusky, OH 3/4/19

Thank you so much for the quick turnaround of my tax returns.

NB, Toronto, ON 3/2/19

This Canada-USA stuff is certainly a niche, I’m convinced there is no one on the planet more knowledgeable on it than you are.

AM, Collingwood, ON 2/28/19