Thanks again to you and your team for a great job on my 2020 taxes.

MD, New York, NY, 7/29/2021

Thanks again so much for the helpful meeting today. You were fantastic and set my mind at ease.

SH, Vancouver, BC, 7/29/2021

Thank you both for all of your support over the last few months and most importantly for all of your tremendous support over the last 20 plus years! I've enjoyed working with you both and your team!

DD, Mississauga, ON, 7/21/2021

Thank you Mark.  To say you helped me through a difficult process would be quite an understatement.

PF, Cedar Park, TX, 4/29/2021

Thanks. This was a big project, and you did it in record time, amazing.

DD, Mississauga, ON, 7/7/2021

Thank you as always for the expertise that you and your staff have always provided me.  I am both grateful and lucky to be able to count on your services.

DK, Toronto, ON, 6/1/2021

It has been a pleasure working with your firm, we appreciate your sound advice and outstanding service. We look forward to working with your firm in the future.  Thank you.

MI, Atlanta, GA, 5/12/2021

Thanks for all the coordination, corrections, and turnaround. Another Happy Customer.

MJ, Lombard, IL, 5/10/2021

Thank you guys, we really appreciate what you are doing for us :)

SA, Arlington, VA, 5/4/2021

Thanks for all your hard work and speediness! Much appreciated.

LC, West Hollywood, CA, 4/30/2021

Once again, I would like to say what a total pleasure it is to work with Ken Huang, who is both very professional and very thoughtful. He is a credit to your business.

EW, Toronto, ON, 4/30/2021

Thank you for all your hard work on our taxes this year!

RD, Germany, 4/26/2021

The pleasure has been all mine, and I look forward to seeking your services in the future.

AS, Cupertino, CA, 4/24/2021

Per your email, this email is an introduction to Mark Serbinski, who has been helping us out with our cross-border taxes for a few years now. Mark is very knowledgeable on the intricacies of cross-border tax issues and approachable, I recommend him highly and without reservations.

SS, Sunnyvale, CA, 4/23/2021

Thanks very much for these returns & your work on them.

LR, Toronto, ON, 4/22/2021

Thank you very much for preparing my returns this year… Good luck with the rest of the tax season.

MD, New York, NY, 4/21/2021

It has been a pleasure working with Doug and I appreciate my communication with you. I look forward to your firm preparing my tax return for 2021.

MC, Bradenton, FL, 4/21/2021

Thanks again for now, well done.  I also.wanted to thank you again, Mark, for what turned out to be excellent advice all those years ago during our initial consult.

RT, Scottsdale, AZ, 4/21/2021

Thank you for answering my questions. The communications provided have been a value add[ded].

NG, Bennington, NE, 4/14/2021

Thanks for all your excellent work….

BJ, Edmonton, AB, 4/13/2021