Thanks in advance for your excellent  on-going services.

JM, Toronto, ON, 1/30/2022

Good news.  I just received a Canada Revenue Agency Reassessment notice.  This results in an additional refund of $2,468. Thanks for your assistance.

KD, Oakland, MI, 2/4/2022

As always, thank you very much for packaging up the reply to CRA.

PP, Blainville, QC, 1/27/2022

Thank you Jeta!  Really appreciate you taking the time to answer all my crazy questions.

KR, Mt. Pleasant, SC, 1/25/2022

My mom and I were really pleased to meet and talk with you this morning.  We both feel some relief after listening to you explain and simplify things.

CH, Nanaimo, BC, 1/19/2022

Thank you again for taking us on as clients - you cannot believe how much your help means to us.

JJ, Montgomery, AL, 1/12/2022

The pleasure was all ours - we cannot tell you how long we have searched for someone to help us out - thank you!

JJ, Montgomery, AL, 1/12/2022

You did such a wonderful job for my husband [xxxxx] and myself for almost 10 years. You were so helpful with his final tax return after he passed away.

SB, London, ON, 1/7/2022

Jeta has been helping me with cross-border filings since 2018 & has truly been a tremendous help, and for a few pointed questions I’ve also dealt with Mark Serbinski (the firm’s namesake). I’ve been very satisfied with their help, advice, & efficiency.

LR, Toronto, ON, 12/17/2021

Thank you, Joyce and Jeta for efficiently handling my issue with the IRS on our claim for the tax period… I have been a client of Serbinski Partners for many years, beginning in the 2000s as a prospective US immigrant. Mark and his team have always provided outstanding services over the years. Thanks.

SK, Toronto, ON, 12/16/2021

Thanks Mark.. Your [sic] very generous with your time and patience..

MF, Jersey City, NJ, 11/18/2021

Many thanks again for all your help. I look forward to working with your firm in the new year. It has been an excellent experience.

GK, London, ON, 10/31/2021

Thank you Mark for your time and expert tax advice. You pointed us in the right directions and we do not have to assume anymore the right solution to our problem.

AR, Woodstock, ON, 10/20/2021

Thank you all so much for all your efforts.  The value you and your team have provided cannot be overstated, I'm deeply grateful.

PF, Cedar Park, TX, 10/14/2021

Thank you so much for talking with us and helping us work through our tax and financial questions. It was incredibly helpful. Both [of us] really appreciate it.

SK, Clayton, MO, 9/16/2021

Many thanks to you and Joyce.  This was clearly a heavy bit of work.  I had thought I was doing a reasonable job of complying with IRS requirements, but it is clear that there was much of which I was ignorant.  Although the cost was a bit painful, it is good to be able to feel that we have got right with the IRS, so to speak.

EP, Ottawa, ON, 9/15/2021

Thank you so much again for your invaluable advice regarding my US and Canadian taxes today!

AW, Chicago, IL, 8/31/2021

Thanks so much for the below + your deep knowledge during our call.  I would like to move [our] US (and future Canada) tax filings over to you starting next year.

AM, New York, NY, 8/22/2021

Thank you so much for your kind and professional advice for all of us on this team… We would like to count you as the newest member of the team!!

MH, Vancouver, BC, 7/27/2021

Oh thank goodness! Thanks so much as usual for your attention to all this (CRA audit).

DC, New York, NY, 8/12/2021