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Specialized and Current Tax Topics

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Roth IRA Treatment When Moving to Canada

Many persons who have lived or worked in the United States, and who have moved to or who contemplate moving to Canada should consider the effect of that move for tax purposes in both countries.  In this article we discuss the steps necessary to preserve the tax free status of a Roth IRA which was accumulated while resident in the U.S., when one moves to Canada.

International Treatment of Incentive Stock Options

Separate rules exist for the taxation of incentive stock options and related forms of compensation in Canada and the United States.  In this new section, we will summarize the treatment of executive stock based compensation in each country, and will discuss the implications related to stock options for:

  • Canadian residents who work in the U.S., 
  • U.S. citizens who work in or reside in Canada,
  • Persons who work in both Canada and the U.S., while resident in either Canada or the United States.

Foreign Asset Reporting

Internal Revenue Service has concentrated efforts in recent years to ensure reporting of the existence of foreign holdings, and of income earned abroad and through foreign assets.